Tonight I watched "Mitt", an insider's look at Romney's run for the Presidency, starting in the '08 primaries and finishing the day after his defeat to Obama in 2012. It was surprisingly enjoyable, partly because it was so intimate and partly because you get to see Mitt the person and father.

What I learned:

I already knew it takes a huge toll on any candidate running for President, but you get a real  picture of just how difficult it is on the loser and their family. One related anecdote: A good friend  shared that he was sitting directly behind Mitt on a flight shortly after the election. His only take away from seeing Mitt was how tired, thin and old he looked. Takeaway: To run for president and lose is an incredible act of service for this country. Democracy is served only if there are willing candidates.

This documentary was shot as if from the family's perspective, as if it just another son in the mix. That style makes it so personal, but what I really felt most of the time was uncertainty. The chaos and unknowns in a presidential race are striking. You always assume they have a guy in the corner with all the answers. Nope. Just a lot of speculation. Lesson: Get used to making tough calls without clear answers. Doing so is a key aspect of leadership.

It doesn't matter what happens out there. Win or lose. Fame or fortune. No matter how much success you have or many times you've failed. Family and faith matter more. Mitt and his family showed us how to support each other through the ups and downs. Family was there before, during and after and their faith carried them through.

That's how you run for President.