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A Vision Challenge

"Good To Great" by Jim Collins—The seminal book that drives much of the process for our vision workshops .

"Good To Great" by Jim Collins—The seminal book that drives much of the process for our vision workshops .


In 1996, Jim Collins and Jerry Porras published the article “Building Your Company’s Vision”, in Harvard Business Review. This seminal piece would later play a central role in the classic business book, Good To Great. The article offered us new clarity about the importance of an organization's core values and purpose, while introducing us to the BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal) and how to vividly envision the future.

Today, despite knowing they must establish a cohesive vision, CEOs, executive teams, and boards all struggle to define this essential and strategic roadmap. Common challenges bogging leaders down include: missing structure and process to enable effective vision development, lack of team alignment to catalyze the new vision, or an obsession on wordsmithing the perfect vision statement.


The Vision Workshop Solution

To address this critical gap, I facilitate structured vision workshops for the enterprise, start-ups, and NGOs. Sessions typically run from one to three days with the client team. Each session is customized exactly to the client’s needs and challenges at hand. We will prepare advanced materials, research, questions and exercises as needed. The session are structured yet creative, rigorous yet fun. Workshops can be set within a team offsite or leadership retreat. Participants often report a deep excitement and enthusiasm from the experience, with a sense of team closeness and a drive to execute on the newfound vision.

The results of our visioning session workshops are profound: The vision is clearly defined and owned by the team, leading to a greater chance of execution and ultimate organizational success.

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Visioning Session Benefits

  • Immediate output of a shared vision includes values, purpose and core objectives

  • The team leader is able to listen and engage, rather than lead discussion and manage voices

  • Unifies and connects members across the executive team or board

  • Results are owned and adopted by the team; increasing chances of successful execution

  • Accelerates times of transition from planning to implementation

  • Leads to clarity in strategy and delivers a focused roadmap




Once your organization has completed one of our vision workshops, you will have the following results:


Current State Evaluation
Pragmatic and honest evaluation of the current business and core competencies, while assessing authentic brand equities, assets, core strengths, opportunities, and challenges.

Core Purpose (Mission)
An organization’s most fundamental reason for being that guides, inspires and makes work meaningful. Answers the questions: What is the company’s most important contribution? Or, if the company ceased to exist, what would the world be missing?

Core Values
Guiding principles or deeply-held beliefs by which a company makes decisions and builds culture. Answers the questions: Would you still hold the principles if they became a competitive disadvantage? Would they still be valid 100 years from now?



Core Objective (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal - BHAG)
A clear, compelling and long-term goal that serves as an organizing catalyst for the company. This objective should be bold and not a sure thing, but still inspire the team to believe it’s achievable.

Envisioned Future State
A vivid and tangible narrative or picture when the Core Objective is successfully achieved. This description should be conveyed with passion, emotion and conviction so that everyone in the organization can be captivated by it and clearly directed to it.

Strategic Roadmap
The key playbook that identifies the core strategic imperatives needed to reach the future state, helps prioritize immediate next steps, and develops long-term planning outline with goals, delegation & metrics.



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