Facilitation Consulting

Unleashing the power of the team

Envisioning Sessions 

You have just invested millions of dollars in a major deal and you need to build unity between new partners and teams. What’s next? How do you build consensus so that everyone can buy-in and work towards a common vision?

Our unique envisioning session has been used by major corporations, investors and start-ups alike. This powerful single or multi-session process deliver authentic evaluation, clarity and unity of vision, and a clear and robust plan for execution.

Brand Strategy Offsites

Perhaps your brand, despite your best efforts, is listless, with no discernible impact on your audience. Or it’s possible you are ready to launch a new brand, but you don’t know how to correctly position this new offering to the marketplace. As a heritage company, over time you’ve developed multiple brands with a lack of hierarchy and , too many similar product lines with consumer-confusing overlap or product names that confuse rather than clarify.

This 1, 2 or 3 day offsite will give voice, substance and power to new, confused or underperforming brands, create authentic and unique brand positioning along with a clear roadmap for future marketing execution.

Management Retreats

As an executive management team, you are at your annual business summit to look back and look ahead. Perhaps your core business is changing rapidly due to external forces. It’s possible you had your best year ever, but there is a chronic problem threatening to derail your success. There are many options and many competing agendas. It’s time to evaluate, come together and forge unity to move forward with power and momentum.

This offsite agenda will be completely customized to reflect the CEO’s purpose and needs, with uniquely designed exercises and structured questions to ensure creative ideation, lively debate and swift resolution.

Boardroom Brainstorms

It’s your quarterly board meeting once again. You find that board will have plenty to discuss (ad nauseum) but as the Chairperson or CEO, it’s your job to focus the group and unlock the insight and value openly they can offer that will have big impact and value for your company or non-profit. 

Our boardroom sessions typically last for an hour or two to a full day agenda, where competing voices and unresolved issues are focused into clear direction and powerful results. Board members will come away feeling heard, valued, energized and confident in the direction of the organization.

Staff Engagement Facilitation

It’s time to step back and evaluate. Find out what’s working and what’s not. Gain the insight of every member of your company to problem-solve, innovate and pursue a better path.

This multi-phased process will ask essential questions to all staff; Feedback and suggestions will be consolidated into core themes, Open brainstorming sessions and discussions will be facilitated around core themes; Results will be processed and delegated to empowered leadership for implementation and execution.

Team Planning Sessions

You’ve decided you need to get the team out of the office to focus on the next big thing. You believe deeply in the strength of your team, knowing that the answers are there, but they just need to be unlocked, refined and adopted.

This multi-day process will be custom developed based on the particular needs and challenges of your team. Your team leader will set topics to address so that the team is highly engaged, clear on next steps and unified in purpose.



Dan facilitated a day-long visioning session for the Board’s strategic planning committee of our non-profit, Save One Life. After working thoughtfully with the Executive Director to prepare an agenda, Dan took clear command of the process and skillfully raised the energy and enthusiasm of the group, eliciting great directions and ideas, which will now guide our next steps to refine strategies and hone in on an actionable 5-year plan.
— Martha Hopewell, Executive Director of Save One Life