Real Estate Experience Workshops


The Real Estate Experience Framework (REEF) is my proprietary method for helping real estate professionals align key partners, accelerate decision-making, and envision new possibilities for recently acquired properties.

Have you just acquired a new development property? Many questions and decisions are before you:

  • What's possible?
  • How do we break through in a crowded market?
  • Which architect should we hire?
  • Is now the right time?

The Real Estate Experience Framework will help you assess the situation, cast vision for the future, and create a plan that reduces timelines while creating a better end product.


Benefits of a Real Estate Experience Workshop

During this customized one- or two-day vision workshop we'll use the REEF to help you and your team:

  • Clarify Your Vision: Get the team aligned and committed to a shared vision of a new placemaking experience to accelerate planning and execution.
  • Design Your Strategy: Co-create the roadmap to help transform the current experience into a transformative real estate experience for your audiences.
  • Generate Powerful Possibilities: Break through with new ideas that truly differentiate your project against competitors and ignite customer interest.

The Results

Once your firm has completed a workshop for one your real estate projects, you will have the following results:

Clear Evaluation of The Project Potential

This is a pragmatic and honest evaluation of the current and past context of the property, along with an deep understanding of the attributes of the area and location, partners, and key audiences/customers, which will allow you to make better decisions throughout the process.


You will come away with a clear understanding of the project’s most fundamental reason for being, which will guide and inspire your team to build something that truly matters.


The vision is a tangible articultation of the future when you execute on the project's purpose. This vision will enable the full team and involved partners to buy-in, and execute towards a common understanding.


This workshop will allow you to step into your customer's perspective and generate powerful possibilities for what their experience of your project should and could be. These ideas powerfully translate into conceptual design and help define the placemaking process.



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I can partner with your organization to develop your Real Estate Experience Framework though a customized visioning session workshop. Interested in learning more? Contact me, today.

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