Facilitating strategy and vision offsites for executive teams; creating clarity, unity and long-term direction. 

Leadership teams are under constant fire as they navigate organizational change, an ever-evolving marketplace, and significant external economic forces. Facilitated offsites, retreats, workshops and summits provide an opportunity to respond to these challenges. Daniel Vogelzang facilitates deep-dive executive retreats which bring senior teams together for strategic collaboration, innovation sprints, and visioning. These customized offsites result in a unified team, clarity of purpose and vision, and a powerful strategic roadmap, for driving execution and ultimately creating deep corporate value.

Facilitated offsites range from 2 hour sessions to week-long workshops, held at aspirational locations designed for thinking big and building relationships. Every session is customized exactly to the client’s needs and challenges at hand. We will plan and prepare all logistics, advanced materials, research, questions and exercises as needed. The sessions will be structured yet creative; rigorous yet fun. Participants often report deep enthusiasm from the experience with a sense of team closeness and a drive to execute on results.

Facilitation Benefits

  • The team leader is able to listen and engage, rather than lead discussion and manage voices

  • Unifies and connects team members across business units

  • Results are owned and adopted by the team; increasing chances of successful execution

  • Accelerates times of transition from organizing to delivery

  • Immediately forms a common vision and purpose within new operating realities

  • Leads to clarity in strategy and delivers a focused roadmap

  • Unfolds new insights for growth, innovation and efficiency 


Offsite Results

  • Develop a Shared Vision for the future

  • Define your Mision, Values and Business Objectives

  • Articulate your Value Proposition

  • Define your Brand Promise 



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