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Facilitating innovation workshops and design sprints for teams to quickly identify and solve creative challenges is my specialty.

Here's how a Design Sprint can help your organization get to the next level.


Benefits of a Design Sprint

  • Quickly develop, test and validate the best ideas
  • Speed up timelines and shrink costs dramatically
  • Empower a cross-functional teams to be change-makers and owners of the product
  • Expand mindsets by removing barriers to innovation
  • Turn innovation into action with immediate solutions to important challenges
  • Uncover new customer insights through the user testing model

The Process

Facilitated sprints range from 2 days to 5 day workshops, held at functional locations designed for thinking big, and getting hands-on. Every session is customized exactly to your needs and challenges.

The sessions are structured yet creative; rigorous yet fun. Participants often report deep enthusiasm from the experience with a sense of team closeness and a drive to execute on results.



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Structure and exercises in the design sprint are based on the NYT bestselling book "Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days" by Google Ventures' leader Jake Knapp.

This process has been tested and refined in companies and start-ups all over the world including firms such as Google, Flatiron Health, Nest and Medium - and it can help your organization, too.

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