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Facilitating innovation workshops and design sprints for teams to quickly identify and solve creative challenges is my specialty.

Here's how a Design Sprint can help your organization get to the next level.

“Awesome work. The sessions were a big success. You did an amazing job running our Roadmap Sprint. We are planning to use this format for all of our future product planning sessions.”

—Kent Bonniwell, SVP Strategic Development, Envestnet 


Benefits of a Design Sprint

  • Quickly develop, test and validate the best ideas
  • Speed up timelines and shrink costs dramatically
  • Empower a cross-functional teams to be change-makers and owners of the product
  • Expand mindsets by removing barriers to innovation
  • Turn innovation into action with immediate solutions to important challenges
  • Uncover new customer insights through the user testing model

The Process

Facilitated sprints range from 2 days to 5 day workshops, held at functional locations designed for thinking big, and getting hands-on. Every session is customized exactly to your needs and challenges.

The sessions are structured yet creative; rigorous yet fun. Participants often report deep enthusiasm from the experience with a sense of team closeness and a drive to execute on results.



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Structure and exercises in the design sprint are based on the NYT bestselling book "Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days" by Google Ventures' leader Jake Knapp.

This process has been tested and refined in companies and start-ups all over the world including firms such as Google, Flatiron Health, Nest and Medium - and it can help your organization, too.

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